Strategic Projects

Authority for the Development of Roosevelt Roads

The Roosevelt Roads Redevelopment Project is an extraordinary initiative that will enhance economic and social growth in the eastern region of the Island and Puerto Rico, in general.

The LRA’s primary objective is to continue its efforts to identify developers with the ability to advance the business objectives of the Roosevelt Roads (RR) redevelopment project, consistent with the Master Plan, and to continue to promote and develop specific projects within that context to create jobs and to spur economic growth in Ceiba and Naguabo, and the eastern region of Puerto Rico.

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Ponce Port Development

The Port of Ponce is located in the municipality of Ponce, on the south coast of the island, towards the Caribbean Sea. Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico, by population and by territorial extension. Since 1911, this city has had the right to operate a franchise for a port operation, granted by the former Executive Council, by special law of the United States Congress, approved on June 11, 1906.

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PR-127 Corridor

Located in the southwest region of Puerto Rico, the PR-127 State Highway is an industrial corridor in need of new investments that promote the economic development of the region.

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Dorado Health Village

In May 2019, the construction of Dorado Beach Health was announced, with an investment of $107 million. The project will have a hospital facility that will raise the standard of care on the Island and increase its potential to become the region's center for medical tourism.

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District Live

The $ 89 million entertainment project is being developed alongside the Convention Center in the Miramar sector of San Juan. It is projected to create around 3,383 jobs.

The complex will have an entertainment place with capacity for 6,000 people, depending on the format, and will be located in an area of 105,000 square feet. A wide range of events will be organized, including concerts, banquets, DJs, fashion shows, festivals, award ceremonies, corporate events, musical shows, circuses, and graduations, among others.

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Science City

A 70-acre parcel of land was ceded to the Science, Technology and Research Trust to be developed as a City of Sciences. The vision is to make it a globally recognized innovation center, connecting and integrating our science and technology ecosystems.

As a multi-disciplinary international collaborative center, it will inspire new ideas, inventions and companies, resulting from its vibrant and rich environment to innovate, work and live.

Air Cargo

The U.S. Department of Transportation, granted Puerto Rico a waiver for the transfer of international cargo and passengers on the Island. This means, we will have the ability to generate more traffic and air cargo, placing ourselves in the international spotlight and significantly injecting our economy. Through this waiver, which will be granted for the next two years, the viability of the development of free zones, warehouses, manufacturing, and other economic activities can be evaluated.

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